Age: 23
Nationality: Chinese-American
Home town: Ohio
Position: Dancer, and hopefully soon, Dance Captain!

Nick is flamboyant, fun, hilarious and a girl’s best friend! He’ll support you when you’re feeling down and laugh at you when you’re acting crazy. He gives great advice about men, but isn’t surprised or offended when you don’t listen.

Nick is the only child of very hardworking, successful Chinese immigrant parents. They have very high expectations of Nick, and he knows they have struggled for many years to give him the life he deserves. He also can’t help but feel he’s disappointed them. Nick is quick to adopt Ellie and Caitlin as his favourite biatches, and he won’t hesitate in taking down Maria if she hurts them in any way. He looks fabulous in a feather boa, dahling.

1. That feather boa… is it more a gender statement than a fashion statement?
It’s more a statement of fabulouslessness and flair, darling. I find it hilarious that women are only supposed to wear them, because let’s be honest, they add a bit of sparkle to anybody’s outfit. I know several people who could do with a bit more boa in their life.

2. You, Caitlin and Ellie seem to bring out the best (or is it worst) in each other.  Why do you make such a great team?
They understand me. Yes, I know I’m a bit shocking sometimes, but they take it in their stride. They were both amazing and supportive when I had a big issue with my parents… and they also have terrible taste in men, so we never have to compete.

3. Tell us more about Ellie, straight from the heart?
She doesn’t know her value. She was hurt by this complete idiot in London, and now, she seems to have lost her compass when it comes to men. Ellie is caring, funny, warm, kind and thoughtful. She would make some guy very happy one day, and I can totally see her as a Mom. She just laughs at me, but it’s totally true!

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