Age: 25
Nationality: Brazilian
Home town: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Position: Photographer

Maria is one of eight children – and growing up with seven brothers, she has learned to play rough. Maria is from a very poor area in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, far from the ritzy glamour and beaches the rest of the world associates with this city. Her family didn’t have much money, and she has had to fight for everything she could get her hands on. Luckily, she is very beautiful, and has always found beauty to have its benefits. Very few men in power can say no to this perfect face…

Maria is used to getting whatever she wants, and when she desires something, nothing and no-one can get in her way. Maria definitely doesn’t want to be on cruise ships forever, and she has a perfect plan to get her out of the Favelas and into a Ferrari.


1. As the most elegant and beautiful woman on the boat, which man would you snap up, given the opportunity?
Hmmm, that is an excellent question. I think the Captain earns the most money, and he is not too fat, so yes, he would be my first choice.

2. It’s rumoured that some staff call you …ahem… The Brazilian Bitch.  Are they being racist? How do you come to be so misunderstood?
These sad, little people do not know anything about me, or my country. We are not weak, and we have to fight to survive. If that makes me a bitch, then I am proud to be a bitch. Of course, it does not help that I am very beautiful. Fat, silly girls with dimply bottoms will never be friends with a woman like me. I am too much competition, and their boyfriends always end up with me.

3. What is the best job on the ship?
The Captain’s Hostess. She gets to meet all the most influential and successful guests. I think I will apply for a transfer.

4. What do you consider to be your best and most appealing feature?
It is obvious this is a telephone interview, because if you were here, you would not need to ask this question. You would also see why it is impossible to answer. Like many Brazilian women, God has blessed me with many beautiful features – my eyes, my nose, my smile, my body… I do not believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Only ugly people say that.

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