Age: 28
Nationality: British
Home town: Maidstone, Kent
Position: Photographer – in retail shop

Ellie is an easy-going, nice British girl. She’s witty and sharp, and knows how to turn on the charm when she wants to. She’s a girl’s-girl – not overtly attractive, threatening or egotistical – just warm and lovely, with a genuine smile. Guys generally want to be ‘just friends’ with her, so she was pretty surprised to meet a guy named Dan at an office party, who chatted her up rather intently. Things got pretty serious, pretty quickly, after that, and Ellie trusted him with everything. She even moved in with him, which she didn’t think she’d do before marriage. Nobody was more surprised than Ellie to learn that Dan was actually an untrustworthy, slimey player. Her bullshit radar had obviously been on the blink.

Her career has been a bit of a mess – she’s done everything from children’s portraits in the shopping centre, to dinner theatre hosting and office temp work. She can type pretty fast. She loves to eat Indian takeaway and watch Arrow – originally to perve on Stephen Amell, but then she unexpectedly got into the storyline. Her favourite actor is Channing Tatum and she thinks Magic Mike is the most important film ever made (okay, she’s not that shallow, but she did really enjoy the perve). Her mates are probably the most important things in her life, and she always puts ‘chicks before dicks’, but she would never, ever, use that expression.

1. Ellie, would you say cruising (as work or pleasure) is a good way to get over a break-up?
I think it depends what you’re looking for… if you wanted to abide by the old expression “Get over somebody by getting under somebody else”, it would be great… If you want to restore your faith in men, perhaps not. I was probably a bit naiive to think a cruise ship was going to help me forget about the hurts of the past. I think it just created some new ones, actually. I have met some wonderful new friends though!

2. Would it be true to say that moral values get suspended on a cruise?
From what I’ve seen so far, almost exclusively, yes. I have been pretty shocked by how easily and happily people are able to cheat on their loved ones – whether that person is at home, or even on the ship! And everyone goes along with it. I can’t imagine how a girl on the ship can happily stand back while her man is wining and dining his wife, the week she’s on board. It’s barmy!

3. What do you find so lovable about Caitlin?
I like how she’s upfront and unafraid of being herself. I think she’s not aware of how fantastic she is, and still wants to please people, when she doesn’t need to. She’s hilarious, and doesn’t put on airs and graces. She’s very refreshing 🙂 

4. Just what IS Maria’s problem?
I don’t even know where to start with her. She hated me from the day I arrived. Admittedly, I DID sleep with the guy she’d just broken up with, but in my defence, I didn’t know. Perhaps I should have waited more than 24 hours to sleep with him – but I wasn’t acting like myself. It’s a very overwhelming situation to be put in, and I guess I got carried away with it all. But yeah, I think Maria just needs to be at the top – she’s the Queen Bee in her mind. Anything less is failure. If someone has a hot man, she wants him. If someone has money, she has to have some too. It must be exhausting.

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