Age: 24
Nationality: Canadian
Home town: Vancouver, BC
Position: Reverse Cowgirl. Just kidding, photographer 🙂

Caitlin is a crazy, lovable, party girl. She believes there’s little more important in life than having fun, and embraces life and everyone she meets (literally). Some people find her a little over the top – she drinks, she swears, she sleeps around… but people who bother to get to know her know that Caitlin has a warm heart and very caring personality. She lacks self esteem, but her pride won’t allow her to ask for help or look vulnerable. At the same time, she also believes there is nothing more important than lasting love, and she’s determined to find a man who will stick around. Until she meets him, she plans to get in, have fun, and get out fast.

Caitlin grew up as an only child, but now has a four year old half-brother. She is close to her seamstress Mum, Judy, although they have a somewhat love-hate relationship. Caitlin’s Dad left when she was just five years old, and she knows that deep down, Judy blames his departure on having Caitlin in the first place, because a child absorbs time and attention which should have gone to her husband.

Judy has always encouraged Caitlin to have pride in her appearance, be the perfect woman, and to do what is necessary to keep a man. Growing up sewing clothes with her Mum, Caitlin’s big dream is to study Fashion at Parsons – The New School for Design, in New York City, where she’s applied for a scholarship. In the meantime, Caitlin is sending money home and developing a reputation as a ‘good time’ girl, on cruise ships around the world.

1. Do you have any advice for girls who want to get more men to notice them?
Do the stuff none of the other girls will do. Be brave. Be open. Be willing to make a fool of yourself and put yourself out there. As a last resort, get naked. It never fails.

2. Of all the men on the boat, who do you rate as the best in bed?
I haven’t tried them ALL, of course… but the Chief Engineer wasn’t bad. A little too much focus on details, but great skills. One of the dancers was awesome too – very limber – and that was the male dancer. I won’t even start on how the female dancer rated 🙂

3. Do you think you’ve helped Ellie get over that slack man of hers?
I’ve tried. She deserves so much better. Unfortunately, I didn’t warn her in time about some of the slimeballs on this ship. It would be hard though – they’re mostly slimeballs! I’m trying to show her how to have a good time, without getting hurt. That’s what I do.

4. What is your favourite cruise port and why?
It’s a tough call – I love them all for different reasons. Every single one has great bars with cheap drinks – and cute boys! I do have particularly awesome memories of St Martin though… but I can’t say why, in mixed company 🙂

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