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I’m thrilled that Sex, Lies, and Cruising has been picked up by a major book distributor and is now available in booksellers and libraries across Australia and New Zealand (other countries hopefully coming soon).

The abovementioned stores are just the national retailers… A huge range of libraries, other state-wide bookstore chains, and a range of independent bookstores are stocking it too. All bookstores can also order it in… Just ask!

IMHO it makes a perfect birthday present or Valentine’s Day gift… all those sexy scenes might get your beloved in the mood!

If you see it in a store, I’d love for you to take a photo and post it to my Facebook page. It’s so exciting to see my book on the shelves!

If you are not in Australia, remember you can buy the ebook or paperback online through a range of bookstores, including Amazon and iTunes.


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Cathryn Chapman

Author of SEX, LIES, AND CRUISING, a fictional sexy, sassy romp on a Caribbean cruise ship.

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