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Sailing around the Hawaiian Islands on her new cruise ship, Ellie is happy to have finally found her place in the world. She’s pursing her dream of being a photographer and is in a relationship with the greatest guy she’s ever known—and even better, he’s the marrying kind, so she knows he won’t break her heart like every other man she’s been with.

The only downside to this perfect life is that Ellie’s two best friends are living in New York, having the time of their lives. They desperately want Ellie to join them in their adventures, and even find her an opportunity for her photography to be shown in a prestigious gallery. It’s a great chance to take her career to the next level — but it means that Ellie would have to leave the ship, and her boyfriend, behind.

Like so many women in their twenties, Ellie has a hard decision to make between her career and her love life. Should she let go of her perfect boyfriend and pursue her career, following lifelong dreams? Or should she let such a perfect opportunity slip away so she can stay with the only man who has ever truly loved and respected her?

Torn between the two, Ellie must make an almost impossible decision and, in the process, set her life on a path to the future. Whichever way she chooses, she knows that she’ll be making a major sacrifice — and realise that sometimes it’s impossible to have everything you’ve ever wanted. Not everybody will be happy with her decision…even Ellie herself.

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Cathryn Chapman

Author of SEX, LIES, AND CRUISING, a fictional sexy, sassy romp on a Caribbean cruise ship.

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